Below you will see sample ketubah sentences to give you a sense of how your ketubah will read.

We don’t show the complete text here as no two of our ketubahs are the same. You’ll be able to customize your ketubah with various sentiments in the categories of love, marriage, home, family, and tradition. You don’t have to write anything yourself – we’ll give you sentences and you’ll choose the most meaningful ones which we’ll include in your ketubah.

Opening paragraphs follow this format: 

We shall commemorate the 27th day of May of the year 2012 as our wedding day. We John Andrew Smith and Steven Alexander Greenberg enter this union.

We shall bring the best of each of our families as we enter this covenant. We pledge to uphold the best of our humanistic values, honoring above all a sense of personal accountability for our place in our marriage and in the world. We set forth here the shared vision of our marriage together. We affirm that these values are part of our aspiration and daily work in our commitment to each other.

Sample sentences:

We treasure the joy and laughter that we bring into each other’s lives.

Our family honors diversity as a gift and nurtures an appreciation for friends, community, and nature.

We treasure open, honest dialogue, respecting each other’s feelings and ideas.

We are patient and kind to each other and each other’s children. (For families with step-children)

In our home, we honor our history, traditions and holidays. We have respect for each other’s spirituality, the sense of connection to something greater.

We strive to approach each other with compassion and understanding, recognizing that our differences can exist in harmony, as a source of balance and strength.

Ketubahs are designed with a biblical quote in Hebrew and English as a decorative element on the ketubah.
Biblical quotes to choose from: 

• I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me.
• Drink deep of love.
• Let me be a seal upon your heart.

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